I am a documentary photographer based in Belgrade, focusing on socio-political issues and economic transitions. I seek to understand the dynamics behind principles of power and allegiance, which often unveils underlying themes of identity, pride, and character. I am on a hunt to uncover the tipping point in society – what does it take for people to demand change? I haven’t yet found all the answers I’m looking for. This is precisely why I turn to photography.

As a teenager in 1990s Belgrade, I experienced the hardships of war first hand. My family, like many, struggled to put food on the table. To make ends meet, I took up a series of odd jobs until eventually I started my own telecommunication company.

But I lost interest in this business of chasing money. Despaired by the changing political and social climates in my country, I craved an outlet to cope with this reality. I dug up an old passion and began exploring photography as a means for both self-expression and an outward study of society.


Most of my photography focuses on life in the ex-Yugoslavia region but I am open to work in other contexts.

© 2015-2019 By Mihovil Nakic

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