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2019 - In Progress

With industrialisation people started moving from the countryside toward more urban areas. To accommodate the growing population in the cities, the most popular solution by far was to build housing estates and apartment blocks. Faced with lacking urban infrastructure, city planners across Serbia employed this strategy of urbanizing small densely populated areas as fastest and easiest way of providing city’s newcomers with what seemed like promised way of urban living. Biggest expansion of industrial sector came, quite late compared to most of Europe, after WWII with adoption of communist ideals; consequently this era saw the biggest expansion of urban population. Most of these housing projects were built form 1950s to 1980s, and the concept seems to be so successful that it is still in use today.

Through this work I seek to find the reasons of this apparent success of the urban model that is mostly regarded as failure throughout the west. I want to see in what manner people have adapted themselves and their style of living to these architectural structures and to what degree these  aging structures had to adapt to the people living there, how they withstand their age, decay and the urban changes that inevitably come with time. I am curious to see will these new structures, borrowing the type from the past but being built within the seemingly opposing ideology of neo-liberal capitalism, have the same level of long term value.

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